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Playing for YOU since 1989

"Here come the big cards"

Well, fasten your seatbelts folks....your captain has gotten clearance for take-off. We are proud to announce the release of our newest original song...."Airplane Bottle of Booze". This song is the defining work of HoHW ...it features all the spirit, chemistry and fun that you (and we) enjoy at our live gigs.....PLEEEEEZ give this amazing tune a listen and be sure to crack open one of those little booze bottles to fully enhance your listening pleasure.....if we must say so ourselves....this is a GREAT song!

download on Itunes right here:


The Hell or High Water Band is looking forward to a great 2014 filled with music, friends and good times with a capital GT!

 Please check out our gig schedule below. We truly do Play for YOU and we hope to see you at one of our gigs as we keep this crazy train rolling. 


  please aslo give a listen to: "Extraordinary Ones". A tribute to the spirit of Breezy Point and The Rockaways. 

 ITunes Link for Extraordinary Ones and all of your HOHW favorites:


Please join us as we celebrate “Extraordinary Ones”- Hell or High Water March 2013

Now more than ever, WE PLAY FOR YOU !

stells, wipf, wolfie, charlie, james, glenn and richie

Here is our single:

"(This ain't my first) Rodeo"

Now on Itunes:


 All of your favorite HoHW originals on one album!

Download "face the outlaw" now on itunes.

click here:  



The Hell or High Water Band has had many incarnations over the last 23 years. It has been fun-fun-fun and daddy ain't takin' the T-Bird away!

A mainstay on the NYC music scene for decades, this eclectic, electric bar band has created a never ending traveling musical circus by sticking with a tried and true recipe.

Great music and a great time!

Their motto is, “We’re having as much fun as you are”!

The ever-changing set lists are super charged with the energy of seven guys who clearly love what they do…and howthey do it

Here’s how they cook the gumbo: Take the power of three guitars, add some crackling keyboards, and stir not so gently with some house rockin’ bass lines.

Mix all that up with some locomotive drumming and a blues harp that can make a grown man cry. Top it all off with delicious vocals and harmonies. Add a packed house, light the stove and stand back!
Be prepared for a generous helping of classic rock and roll with a swamp water chaser.

With a cool mix of originals and interpretations of their musical heroes, you can expect to be singing along by the first set.

Trying to describe Hell or High Water's style is like eating soup with a fork. You've got to see it live baby! The closest anyone has gotten to it is......

...."It's like a night of bar hopping with John Lennon, Jerry Garcia and Keith Richards, with Bobby Dylan driving the limo."--overheard at a gig-1994

They love the music, they love the gigs, they love the crowd and it shows!

Get on the bus, sit back and enjoy the ride!

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